JUNE 20 2009



I got taken to 2manydj’s a couple of weeks back and they totally blew me away. I went in expecting some kind of semi-recieved semi-engaged semi live remix kinda dj set with a speedy succession of pop vs techno bootleg styled tracks and mashups.

I was relieved to be nearly completely wrong and partially accurate on the pre conception of expecteable /’yawnable’ RADIOONE styled bootlegs -mylo vs baywatch springs to mind.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!

tHEY WERE AWESOME AND completley spontanious, very engaging, and meant every word/ track they played/said!

From the outset , initially presented with a vinatge radio being tuned in, onstage, to whatever loacl station was playing and looped into the first track rhythm! Innovative / site specific and engaging!

they continued to build through a succession of modern bangers and grinding basslines to the theme of indie rock anthemns and retro acid references with kitsch reggae and early 80’s choice electro funk dropped in, mixed with hot off press tracks such as ;;;;

TIGA’s brand new ‘MIND DIMENSION’ and

AA24/7 by Dance Area

being none too popular and far cry from the mainstream-lining of other noteable tracks they played such as The Gossips (infamous) ‘Standing in the Way of Control’ and The Raptures ‘House of Jealous Lovers’

The fellas themselves, brothers being, hail from belgium, and look somewhat older than most of the enthusiasts i was surrounded by, the younger omitting eyebags of that of a chronic insomniac and the other brother (having entered stage armed with vintage radio[radio ‘ahem’ SOULWAX reference] both threaded in loosened black tie tuxedo’s) looking like somebody’s Uncle! (all the better for unanticipated exitation!!

I have managed to get a copy of the setlist (from the same tour) see below
(courtesy errol alkan.co.uk forum)

0:00 The Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy, Hey Girl (Soulwax Remix)
2:45 The Gossip – Standing in the Way of Control (Soulwax Nite Version)
4:53 David Guetta – Jack is Back
7:15 Dizzee Rascal – Bonkers (Soulwax Edit)
11:12 Hot Chip – It’s My Piano (remix???)
12:11 Kid Cudi – Day N’ Night (De grote Vinnie, Donnie & Sjakie Show Vocal)
13:40 Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400 (remix???)
14:50 MGMT – Kids (Soulwax Remix)
19:50 Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Soulwax Edit?)
20:36 Bodyrox – Yeah Yeah
22:00 Tiga – Overtime
26:00 Marshall Jefferson – Video Clash / some vocal
26:30 ???
27:00 Tiga – Mind Dimension 2
28:25 Felix Da Housecat – Elvi$
31:02 Zombie Nation – Forza
33:13 ???
34:20 Mr. Oizo – Cut Dick
35:47 Pryda – Rakfunk
36:50 ???
38:30 Mr. Oizo – Flat Beat
39:39 Tiga – What You Need (Zombie Nation Remix Edit)
42:45 Depeche Mode – I Just Can’t Get Enough (??? Remix)
44:15 Deadmau5 – Desynchronized
48:10 Sidney Samson – Riverside
49:18 Proxy – Raven
53:49 CLS – Can You Feel It?
54:44 Alex Gopher – Aurora
57:05 Walter Murphy – Fifth of Beethoven (Soulwax Re-Edit)
59:40 Harry Thumann – Underwater
63:15 Kris Menace – Solar
Anne Clark – Our Darkness (mix??)
68:02 Major Lazer – Pon Di Floor
70:15 Woolfi – Oh Missy (In Flagranti Xenon Remix)
74:10 Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero (Erol Alkan Rework)
76:46 Lil Louis – French Kiss
78:27 Zombie Nation – Worth It Pt.1
80:39 Vangelis – Pulstar (Soulwax Edit)
82:55 Justice – Phantom Pt. 2 (Soulwax Remix)
87:30 Boney M – Ma Baker

The whole set blew me away–it was literally a sit down a have a big cry about thinking you’re an entertaining dj afterward being soaked through 2 t-shirts in your own sweat like a teenager at the first ‘rave’ awash and lost in their own excitement and enthralled and unconsciously drowned in completely electric atmosphere.

Matt x


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