Sacre Bleu!!

So what has the Paris + London Link given us?

A Hip Hop aggravated Trans-Channel, Anglo/François mutuality for:

“Hitting That Gash!”

Double ‘Wh’ammeau’ collaboration from major UK force; Foreign Beggars and French Electro-rap adversary ‘Rouge A Levres’. A Schmoover than fiction Parisian tongue-ster gets all party-horny with slick London lipped Foreign Beggars on this new club honker given a re-rub from London’s favourite Pervert.

A twisted bass-distortion blipped bit-sliced with a bitter-sweet honeycomb centre within a crunchily aggressive, dub savvy shell. Prime Cut’s mix of the originally ducking fours, Neu-Disco-Rap track, presents a slick distortion of the Beggars a la Rouge collaboration. A Slow-mo dub-tech-electric lick for those MC enthusiasts that are frankly more dub-ly inclined.

Prime’s Itchy Naan mix is a wicked and unmerciful example of the potential wrath of what the Scratch Pervert’s can drop into their ‘what the cat scratched in’ style performances, gaining a ferocious pace for this week’s Friday 13th fabric appearance.


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