Michael Baumann’s many names span a multiple range of distinguished house stimuli. His own co-run label Philpot casts a selection of like-minded artists with a high calibre of releases. Though his more popular Jackmate project is focused on efficient house music, his Soulphiction moniker presents more of a dreamy picture and a ‘take it or leave it’ blend of Hip Hop, RnB and Afro-Soul in the subliminal tone of broken House.
Baumann’s busy agenda is apparently over lent within a succession of multiple projects. Co-running Philpot with label mate Tobi Ettle, producing ghostly vocal haunts with soloist Suzana Rozkosny, releasing under seminal names like Jackmate and Manmadescience his downbeat/house electronica trio with Nik Reiff and Phlegmatic. However, with a consistent tonality and style through all of his work it’s clear to hear why Michael Baumann has come so far and his sound has gained such a strong reputation. The attention to consistency and development has served him keen durability as a totally immersed underground artist.

What was the most surprising things about your career so far? After all that time, that I still love to do it so much! My label still exists 🙂 Kenya is agreat place to play Main Street records!

Who are your main influences and peers within the house community? My labelmates on Philpot are always a great inspiration for me to push things a little further. They´d also count as harsh critics sometimes. My all-time favourite DJ is Zip, great that we´ll play fabric together!!

Would you agree that a lot of dance genres have mutated into other forms of genres as a natural development, or a requirement to stay fresh and appealing – or both? I guess mostly it´s about staying fresh and appealing. But a good track is a good track, even if it sounds tape-recorded. “Minimal”-producers (I don´t mean the originators in the true meaning of the word) now produce “house” while the textures and sounds stay the same. That´s not fresh nor appealing…

Are the vocalists you utilise for Soulphiction close friends or intentionally selected for vocal merit? I work with some befriended vocalists from outside the house/techno environment, but Suzana Rozkosny is the one I perform with live. Some other vocals are sampled, some are from a field recording, others are close friends and mostly they are not vocalists either.

Are you a vinyl, CD or digi lover – or all of the above? I still mess my back carrying that vinyl, but I also play CDs for the simple reason that the tracks are not available on vinyl.

What do you feel about London’s interpretation of Soulphiction and vocalist Suzana Rozkosny? What can we expect from you two on the 21st? As I said, we play there with Zip, so I don´t worry that much. I´m presenting some tracks of my new album, so we’re gonna slow it down a bit in the beginning, but don´t worry, it´ll still have that bounce! Partly I´ll also play on my own, so it won´t be a real concert full of songs either..:) And we also hope for a lot of support from the music lovers out there!

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