Think floyd

I stumbled across…

Lewis Floyd Henry

…whilst wandering through the mostly intentionless crowds around the Brick Lane area of Shoreditch, East London. Usually a sprinkling of predictably novelty street music showcases here at the weekend markets. I had minutes earlier witnessed a very talented drummer using nothing but overturned plastic buckets of varying size and form, a rusty old cymbol and two even older cowbells, knocking out some of the tightest broken D&B styled rhtymns I had heard in person in a longtime.

However, nearing the street corner I was lured towards the noise of some satisfyingly noisier punkrock sounds, wondering “hmmm, better! A whole band!”. How wrong was I?

What I thought to be a lead guitarist with a drummer and backing …er….noise turned out was just a single chap, playing everything himself.

Evidently baring a resmblance both aurally and visually to JimiHendrix, Lewis Floyd Henry, displayed both a naturality to perform, improvise and economically operate his mechanical music system efficiently better than most 5 piece indie bands!

Sounding off like a thrash improv Hendrix with a trashy roots flare and scatty cum honky flow of song, his guitaristry maintaining a lovely natural fluidity and his changes and sections winding together to hold a firm audience engagement. Anyway, this guy wails rocks and can show it.
Hear him below (shortly).

I made a recording of 6 or so minutes of what I heard which is below.

Lewis floyd henry bricklane(1) by Synthia

Does this guy need a band? Would that change it too much? Does his plight fuel his fire?


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