Seven Hours After Bedtime
Mixed by Dannyniceone

A superbly serene mix, that holds both a tender and an inspiring display of electronica. A drift of musical choices seldom heard though often heralded.
Through a pensive melancholic edge this dose of musical journey seems to conjure a warm sense of nostalgia and maintains a strong lateral narrative that evokes a satisfying calm.
Upon the initial listen I found myself fully engaged and distant without any distraction simply submitting  to the simple charm of the delicate track continuation.
In a current fashion of popular musical mixes and DJ productions being louder ,faster, harder, consistent and driving, this mix proves superbly contrary. If you’re a typical Fever Ray fan (especially her Halloween Resident Advisor mix) you will enjoy this.

Seven hours past bedtime  by  dannyniceone
1. “Good Decision” by Greg Davis and Sebastian Roux
2. “Blues For Uncle Gibb” Broken Social Scene
3. “Darker” by Warm Hands
4. “If I Had A Heart” by Fever Ray
5. “Flower Reading” by Cough Cool
6. “The Funeral Party” by Jesu
7. “Over The Pond” by The Album Leaf
8. “Signs (sayCet Remix)” by Bloc Party
9. “MrNo(PhasoneRemix)” by Banjo or Freakout
10.”Seeing You Off The Edges” by Eluvium
11.”FM Dial” by Mathhead
12.”Macdonald’s” by Burial
13.”Why waste more time?” by Rosie Thomas

Danny is not a very close friend of mine, though a good friend all the same and this carefully arranged overlap of musical savour has affected me directly. ‘Seven Hours After Bedtime‘ is perfect for theming the current speight of snowfall and aiding an adverse emotional warmth.


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