Deadly Cherokee Disco by Synthia

HOW – Watch out Cowboys! Get your War-Paint on and hololololla yourselves into a Disco – War-dance, like a true Brave! A Slick Warrior mix with a Deadly Cherokee edge. A journey through some recent Disco terrain and House wilderness with a sprinkling of Retro incantations, including the holy spirits; Ray Mang, Matthias Aguayo, Cerrone, Marvin Gaye, Phreek Plus One, Supermeyer, Fever Ray, Holy Ghost!, Low Motion Disco, Social Disco Club, Nightmoves, and the Synthia ‘Chiefs’ themselves.

Deadly Cherokee Disco  by  Synthia

Inner City Blues (Drilla’s Edit) – Marvin Gaye
Assassinate – Cerrone (from the motion picture La Secte De Marrakech)
Hairy Knuckle – The Emperor Machine
Atlantis (Downtown Party Network Remix) – Solila
54B (Ray Mang mix) – Mudd
Seven (Twelves mix) – Fever Ray
That’s It – Phreek Plus One
Goblin City (Holy Ghost! mix) – Panthers
Man of Magic – Social Disco Club
Nero Boogie – Supersonic Lovers
Knock Me Out (Synthia Re-Edit) – Garys Gang
I’m An Indian Too – Don Armando’s Rhumba Band
Inch By Inch – Persia
Things Are Gonna Get Easier – Low Motion Disco
Synth Inside Her – Soiree
Hey Hotties – SuperMeyer
Rollerskate (Sanfuentes & Alex Thunder Mix) – Matthias Aguayo
Breathe (Pezzner Mix) – Milton Jackson
Barely Eagle – Linkwood & House of Traps
Dynamite (Nightmoves Mix) – Edison


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