BLOGPOST Q&A’s with @kinemamusic member

BLOGPOST Q&A’s with @kinemamusic member and electronic beatsrumentalist @Bosskite – on MattHope’s Music Blog

Tomorrow, in a year

The Knife, purveyors of fine macabre electronic pop, present us with a new album; ‘Tomorrow, in a Year’ the musical scoring to the Darwinian based opera. The Knife provide an extension to their signature sound through collaborations with fellow Swedish ‘Dark-Wave’ mask wearers; Mt Sims and Planning-To-Rock. Commissioned by Danish art group Hotel Pro Forma … Continue reading


Seven Hours After BedtimeMixed by Dannyniceone superbly serene mix, that holds both a tender and an inspiring display of electronica. A drift of musical choices seldom heard though often heralded.Through a pensive melancholic edge this dose of musical journey seems to conjure a warm sense of nostalgia and maintains a strong lateral narrative that evokes a satisfying … Continue reading


A sassy new electro/ house / come – disco mix from my HOTBLOOD asscociate Jools(!) A Co founder with Groove Armada and Adrian Fillary of LOVEBOX Festival (THE Best inna’ city London Music Festival) Jools’ Sticky Red Dec 2009 Mix by Hotblooddjs on Mixcloud Jools Sticky Red Mix —————————————————————————————- Groove Armada I Wont Kneel (Mouj … Continue reading

It’s a Knockout!

Quote from SOULWALKING Formed in Queens, New York, U.S.A. The brainchild of Eric Matthew (real name Joe Tucci) and Gary Turnier, Gary’s Gang were a small group of musicians in New York who recorded live in a garage at the back of Eric’s house. The writing and production chores were handled, jointly, by Joe and … Continue reading

Think floyd

I stumbled across… Lewis Floyd Henry …whilst wandering through the mostly intentionless crowds around the Brick Lane area of Shoreditch, East London. Usually a sprinkling of predictably novelty street music showcases here at the weekend markets. I had minutes earlier witnessed a very talented drummer using nothing but overturned plastic buckets of varying size and … Continue reading


Michael Baumann’s many names span a multiple range of distinguished house stimuli. His own co-run label Philpot casts a selection of like-minded artists with a high calibre of releases. Though his more popular Jackmate project is focused on efficient house music, his Soulphiction moniker presents more of a dreamy picture and a ‘take it or … Continue reading

People are still Digging our ‘Love:Energy’ mix (in key and on time) just reached our 300th download of it! (pop!~~~glugugugugugug) Love-Energy mix.mp3 Love-Energy Mix by Synthia on Mixcloud

A FISTFUL OF D$$$LLARS With a soft plume of ginger beard and a pale ‘club to studio to airport to club [repeat to fade]’ complexion, Oliver $ (pronounced Oliver Dollar) divulges some of the lesser known conventions of his current lifestyle with us ahead of his anticipated fabric appearance. What are your top five favorite … Continue reading

Sacre Bleu!!

So what has the Paris + London Link given us? A Hip Hop aggravated Trans-Channel, Anglo/François mutuality for: “Hitting That Gash!” Double ‘Wh’ammeau’ collaboration from major UK force; Foreign Beggars and French Electro-rap adversary ‘Rouge A Levres’. A Schmoover than fiction Parisian tongue-ster gets all party-horny with slick London lipped Foreign Beggars on this new … Continue reading